Important Changes to Ohio Charitable Registration

Changes are taking place for the way Ohio charities and non-profits must register with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. According to Mike DeWine, most charities in Ohio now will be required by recent statutory and rule changes to register on-line.

By registering your non-profit, the state can get a clear picture of the non-profit community, directing scarce resources to charities that operate under honest and transparent governance. A major problem recently are sham charities and bogus solicitations exploiting the generosity of Ohioans.

The new system is straightforward, intuitive and enables the state to provide confirmations and deadline reminders. Both charities and the public will be able to search the website for information about filing compliance and other organizational details. There is also a provision for representatives to file on behalf of multiple organizations.

It’s recommended that multiple volunteers associated with each charity acquire an account so reminders and notices will be shared among many people and reduce the possibility of deadlines being lost in the shuffle of leadership transitions.

The website for registering is: There are various resources available on the website, including a user guide and a tool tip guide which answer questions about the new registration system. They also offer a quarterly Nonprofit News, a Nonprofit Handbook and webinars and brochures to assist board members with fulfilling their legal responsibilities to Ohio’s charities.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

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We will be closed:

Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24 and

New Year’s Eve, Friday, December 31, 2010

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Non-Profit Complaint Resolution

What to Do When You’ve Been “Had”

The work of non-profit organizations is vital to our communities, whether they are faith-based, churches, libraries, museums, senior centers, and the many others. The point is that our communities would lose the vibrant flavor that binds the people together. Many hours of dedication, sweat and love go into making a non-profit work. The last thing you want is to spend any amount of that time dealing with scams and fraudulent business practices. Non-profit organizations and small businesses are often targeted for these scams because they have a smaller infrastructure and often a less organized system of checks and balances.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office has come up with a Help Center specifically for non-profits to file complaints when they find themselves “taken advantage of.” They promise to do their best to help achieve a fair response and resolution to your complaint and problem, such as, recovering funds, securing the product or service you were seeking, or reaching a mutually agreeable resolution with the other party.

You can contact Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray’s office by phone: 1.800.282.0515 or online at:

Here are some common scams to keep an eye and ear open for:

A caller contacts a nonprofit claiming to be from Yellow Pages or some other advertising agency. The invoice is sent without an agreement, and the advertisement is not published in the circulation expected.

A caller contacts a nonprofit and asks for the model number of its printer or copier for verification purposes. Low quality toner cartridges and other materials are sent with an invoice and without an agreement. This starts a difficult process of trying to return the products and get out of the payment.

You can ward off these unwanted attacks by assigning one staff member to handle all the sales calls and purchasing of office supplies. Never give out office information unless you know exactly to whom you are talking. Document, document, document. If you do agree to purchase something over the phone, write down all the information you can: sales associate’s name and ID #, company phone number, cost of products, invoice number, estimated date of arrival, time of call, etc.

Introducing…Center for Community Revitalization

Community Development Professionals (CDP) recently purchased and moved into the former Hamilton School Board building. CDP has transformed the building into the new Center for Community Revitalization (CCR).



Our vision for CCR is to create a hub for innovative community revitalization efforts, provide a location for establishing and nurturing partnerships between community stakeholders, establish a Non-Profit Development Center to provide education and training to community based organizations and establish a Center for Social Entrepreneurship to encourage social enterprise in the community.

It is our mission to partner with organizations in order to grow and nurture viable communities. Through the CCR, we can put the tools and resources into the hands of organizations to help them operate more efficiently and more effectively.

CCR Memberships

CCR offers 4 different ways to be a member: Resident, Investment, Associate and Individual Memberships.

Resident Membership – Rental Cost (based on space required)*

  • Provides mailbox at CCR
  • Provides rental space at CCR at below-market value
  • Access to Community Resource Room
  • Weekly Use of Board Room and Monthly Use of Community/Training Room

Investment Membership – $150/month

  • Provides mailbox at CCR
  • Access to Community Resource Room
  • Monthly Use of Board Room and Annual Use of Community/Training Room

Associate Membership – $125/year

  • Single use of Board Room and Community/Training Room

Individual Membership – $125/year

  • Single use of Board Room and Community/Training Room

Each membership will also be Listed as Member in CCR publications and on website and will receive the CCR Newsletter.

*The CCR offers two distinct options for Resident Membership: traditional office space and Shared Space. Traditional office space is located throughout the building’s second floor of rentable square footage. Depending on an organization’s needs and requirements, office space can be provided on a turn-key basis. Shared Space offers an affordable alternative for organizations willing to co-locate. Organizations in the CCR’s Shared Space are housed in workstations and private offices, side-by-side with neighbors.

You can complete an application by following this link.

There is space currently available, so please contact us soon for more information and or to schedule a tour of the facilities.

The CCR is located at 332 Dayton St., Hamilton, OH 45011.  You can find more information here or by calling 513.858.1738.


Funding Opportunities for October 2010

The Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Intitiatives (GOFBCI) releases a list of grants/funding opportunities available from both public and private sectors sources each month.  They are listed by deadline and separated into categories: “Health Services”, “Human Services”, “Education, Arts & Humanities”, “Youth”, “Capacity/Operations”, “Environment/Agriculture”, “International”, “Seniors/Disabilities”.

You can find the list of October 2010 by following this link:

Upcoming Training: Working with the Federal Government

CDP is offering a FREE training this week called “Working with the Federal Government.”

Working with the Federal Government
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BizTech Center
20 High Street
Hamilton, OH 45011
(Butler County)

To register, call: 513.858.1738 or go here.

This full-day workshop is designed to help participants create more qualified and competitive federal proposals by taking an in-depth look at the federal environment. You will learn about the structure of federal departments, where federal funding comes from, the federal budgeting process, federal requests for proposals, and the website. You will leave knowing how to prepare, qualify and apply for federal funds, and understand the reporting requirements that go with receiving those funds. This training is appropriate for Board members, Executive Directors, grant writers and other key staff persons involved in resource development.

Upcoming Training: Volunteer Recruitment and Management

CDP is holding a FREE training this week called “Volunteer Recruitment and Management.”

Volunteer Recruitment and Management
September 16, 2010

Southern State Community College – North Campus
1850 Davids Dr.
Wilmington, OH 45177
(Clinton County)

To register, call: 513.858.1738 or go here.

Volunteer Recruitment and Management is a full-day workshop focusing on topics such as how to recruit and retain volunteers, record keeping for volunteers, and the role of volunteers in nonprofit organizations. This workshop is appropriate for Executive Directors, Board members or other staff persons involved in volunteer management.

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