Nonprofit Employment in 2012: Where Do You Stand?

Nonprofit HR Solutions, a national consulting firm focusing on the human resources needs of nonprofits, has released the results of its 2012 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey ™, a summary of employment practices in the nonprofit sector.  The report highlights data tabulated from 450 nonprofits across theU.S.  The full report is attached.

 Some key findings from the report:

  • The nonprofit sector is growing.  43% of nonprofits have increased their staff size, which is an increase of 26.5% over last year.
  • Job growth is occurring most in the areas of direct services, program management, and fundraising/development.  Growth in the area of fundraising/development is expected to double      this year.
  • 81% of nonprofits are utilizing existing staff to meet the responsibilities of eliminated staff.
  • Informal and formal networks are the most common recruitment methods used (81% and 80% respectively).  LinkedIn has become the most popular social media site for recruiting purposes.
  • The top five websites nonprofits used to recruit employees are: (52%), LinkedIn (40%), (39%), (38%), and (33%).
  • Only 26% of nonprofits participate in on-campus recruiting at colleges.
  • The greatest challenge nonprofits face in retaining current staff is the inability to offer competitive pay.
  • Ethnic/cultural diversity among staff is becoming increasingly important to nonprofits (51% say it is “very important”).

 How does your nonprofit compare?  How have you adjusted your hiring and retention practices to meet current challenges?  What do you see as the greatest opportunities and challenges as we progress through 2012? 

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