Pinterest and Non-Profits

The latest online craze is, an online “Favorites” place for individuals to share with others the things they love and which inspire them. Users can share anything from cooking recipes to decorating ideas to fashion to quotes to movies to travel destinations to the completely random.

It works like a pinboard, where you would pull ads, notices, coupons or pictures out of a magazine or newspaper and tack it for reference later. Pinterest boards can be personalized to theme and taste.

Pinterest is great for personal use, but non-profits can also take advantage of it. For animal shelters, it can be a great way to showcase some of the lovable animals awaiting adoption. If your non-profit sells certain goods to raise money, like jewelry, handcrafts, etc, share on your own Pinterest board. The possibilities are endless!

*Note: At this time, you must be invited to use Pinterest. You can be invited by a current user or by Pinterest itself, but you’ll be put on a waiting list which could take a couple days. Accounts are connected to an email address and can be linked with a Facebook profile.


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