Important Changes to Ohio Charitable Registration

Changes are taking place for the way Ohio charities and non-profits must register with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. According to Mike DeWine, most charities in Ohio now will be required by recent statutory and rule changes to register on-line.

By registering your non-profit, the state can get a clear picture of the non-profit community, directing scarce resources to charities that operate under honest and transparent governance. A major problem recently are sham charities and bogus solicitations exploiting the generosity of Ohioans.

The new system is straightforward, intuitive and enables the state to provide confirmations and deadline reminders. Both charities and the public will be able to search the website for information about filing compliance and other organizational details. There is also a provision for representatives to file on behalf of multiple organizations.

It’s recommended that multiple volunteers associated with each charity acquire an account so reminders and notices will be shared among many people and reduce the possibility of deadlines being lost in the shuffle of leadership transitions.

The website for registering is: There are various resources available on the website, including a user guide and a tool tip guide which answer questions about the new registration system. They also offer a quarterly Nonprofit News, a Nonprofit Handbook and webinars and brochures to assist board members with fulfilling their legal responsibilities to Ohio’s charities.


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