5 Elements to a Great Call to Action

The thrust of non-profit marketing is to get people to do something.  Whether you want them to donate, to volunteer or spread the word to others – you want them to get up and do something.  Here is a list of 5 elements of a good call to action:

Be specific, very specific.  People can’t always take a big problem apart and turn it into bite-sized chunks.  If you can do this for them, they are more likely to get involved.  For example, the very real issues of homelessness, hunger and poverty can be overwhelming, but if each person buys one extra can of soup at the super-market to donate, many people can be fed.  Give people a specific thing to do.

Make it doable.  People have a lot of demands on their time nowadays.  Make the call to action something simple, but also something that will encourage them to do more next time.

Have a first task.  Not everyone is willing or ready to donate right off the bat.  How can you build into these people for the future?  It can be as simple as getting their email address.

Make it easy.  This is a great idea: have someone go through the steps of making a donation.  Are there any unnecessary steps?  If you have donating available on your website, how many clicks does it take to finally make the donation?  Ask your current donors if they have any suggestions to make giving more easily accessible.

Document yourself.  People learn in different ways.  Some enjoy reading, but most would rather have pictures, illustrations and, even better, video.  If you can film what you are asking someone to do, they will feel more comfortable with the process knowing what to expect.

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