Non-Profit Job Sites

The people who work in a non-profit are the backbone of the organization.  Whether they are on staff or volunteers, it is crucial to a non-profit to have arms and legs – and hearts – to do the work and pursue the mission.  There are several ways to advertise if you need to fill a position, but not every site may be the best.  Blue Avocado recently reviewed websites which post non-profit positions and employee/volunteer hopefuls.

The job sites were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Is the site exclusively for non-profit jobs or does it have a substantial number of non-profit jobs?
  • Are the listings updated regularly?
  • Are special, helpful features included for either the employers or job-seekers? and
  • Are they national or local enough to be helpful?

According to the article, the best all-around site for non-profit jobs (either a non-profit site or for-profit site) is  The best non-profit site is listed as Opportunity Knocks.  Both of these sites are non-profits themselves and have listings in the US and overseas.  The best commercial site is said to be Simply Hired and the best international site is Devex.  Devex, Development Executive Group, is a non-profit as well and began as a student project at Harvard.

The rating is based on several features, which are noted in the descriptions, such as: the Mission/Purpose, the organization type and longevity, scope, general usability and any social media links.  Further detail is given about the features specific to job seekers and employers.  Some sites allow submission of a resume as well as the online profile.  Any fees that may apply are shared in the features as well, both for the seeker and employer.

There are 32 job sites listed, in all, with varying emphases and features.  You can read the full article here. (pdf)


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