Center for Community Revitalization – Video Tour

Welcome to the Center for Community Revitalization.  The mission of Community Development Professionals is to partner with organizations to grow and nurture viable communities. Through the Center for Community Revitalization we can put tools and resources into the hands of organizations to help them operate more efficiently and more effectively.

The Center for Community Revitalization was established by Community Development Professionals to provide a stable, affordable location for establishing and nurturing partnerships between community stakeholders such as: non-profits, local government, community based businesses and education institutions. We partner with a wide range of organizations to create a central hub for innovative community revitalization efforts.  Providing an opportunity for cross-organization collaboration and community building.

The Center for Community Revitalization provides quality workspace by offering
• Office space for large and small organizations
• Access to Board Room, Community Room and Conference Room
• On-site property management
• On-site mailboxes
• Shared office space for organizations seeking to co-locate and
• A professional quality printer copier and audio-visual equipment  

The Center for Community Revitalization is located at 332 Dayton Street, in the first school built in Hamilton, Ohio in 1889.  This recently renovated centrally located historic building would make a wonderful home for your organization.

There is space currently available, so please contact us soon for more information and or to schedule a tour of the facilities.  An application can be found on our webpage.

You can contact us by email or by calling 513.858.1738.


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