National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is coming up April 10th-16th, 2011. Organizations across the country are taking this time to promote projects led by volunteers and to show their appreciation for those who give their time and energy to volunteer with them. Hands On Network publishes a significant amount of material of resources for organizing volunteer projects, showing appreciation and maintaining volunteer support. Here are some highlights:

  • Recognition is a key component of volunteer management. it makes volunteers feel appreciated and valued.
  • Recognition can take many forms: a simple thank-you card, a free lunch, or a large annual event.
  • The kind of recognition you give to volunteers may depend on the kind of volunteer. Try to match the recognition with the type of volunteer: Achievement-oriented volunteers, Affiliation-oriented volunteers, and Power-oriented volunteers.
  • Recognition should also vary based on whether the volunteer is a long-term or short-term volunteer. Short-term recognition should be immediate and from the group leader. Long-term volunteers should be honored by the whole group and from a person in authority, such as the Executive Director.
  • Give recognition frequently. Once a year at a banquet is not enough.
  • Give recognition honestly. Praise someone only if you mean it, and don’t praise substandard performance, or praise for good work will not be valued.
  • Give it in an individualized fashion and to the actual persons volunteering, not to the work being done.

For more information, visit the Hands on Network Library page.

We have more posts about Volunteers on our blog.  You can find them by following this link:  Volunteers on CDP’s Blog


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