Can Your Organization Stand Up Against a 10-Year Old?

While parents are working to get their children more involved in volunteering, some are seeking ways to get them interested in giving financially as well. One such mother compiled a list of 20 charities to which she and her son were interested in giving. They were having difficulty in deciding which of the organizations they would give to and decided to let the son search them out.

He was armed with a pen, some paper and three questions:

  1. What does the organization do?
  2. How do they do it?
  3. How do they know if they are making a difference?

He had 20 minutes to investigate each charity’s website to find the answers. Based on the information he could find (and what he could not find) they determined which of the organizations they planned to help financially.

A few things that this boy found to help him make his decision:

  • ratings and stars – given to the organization by their current donors.
  • metrics – provided by the organization for how they track progress in their mission
  • outside references – books and collaborative groups/projects

Not all the people who look at your website are going to be 10 year old philanthropists. They might be, but probably not. However, simple rules apply when establishing content on your website and should be considered for viewers of all ages. Is the most important information easily found? Web viewers typically spend 80% of their time looking at the information above the page fold (the point at which you must scroll down to see more information). Is your mission statement posted in the top part of your homepage? Do you have a large “Donate Now” button near the top for easy access? Do you have a way for visitors to see that you are actively following the mission statement and making a difference for your cause? What are others already saying about your organization?

These questions can serve as guidelines for the primary and immediate information you share on your website.

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