Direct Mailing Campaigns

Direct mail fundraising programs have long been prophesied to dissipate and disappear, but in light of recent studies, fundraisers are finding that this is far from the truth. While there is an increase in the amount of fundraising done through social media (Internet, websites, blogs, Facebook, etc), there’s no denying that paper still has a significant force in donor development.

So, what does direct mailing do that the other stuff doesn’t?

Direct mailing gives you a list, a fairly concrete list, of consistent donors. This information should be held in a donor database that will enable you to track trends and retain the data you need. You can find great information on various databases at

A direct mailing campaign provides regular revenue for your organization. You may not get a lot of response in the mail, but recent figures show that just over 1 in 3 donors have given to an organization online after receiving a direct mail letter. The percentage of donors giving online in response to direct mail gets larger as the age decreases, but the trend is getting stronger. Stumped on how you can track this? Try putting a “Giving Code” on each of your mailings. Recommend that the donor put that code in the memo line of the check they send in the mail. They can easily do this through their online banking system as well. Also, be sure to include a space on the donation page of your organization’s website to place this code. This way, you can have an easy way to track the source of that donation. Create codes for different methods too, such as a Facebook Code, Twitter Code, and website. Make sure it’s nothing complicated so that the donor can easily transfer it to whichever method they choose to give. The results may surprise you.

Direct mailing builds brand awareness in the community in which you serve. You can have all the presence online in the world, but if people don’t know who you are, they aren’t going to give. Have a professional design your logo, develop a short but informative tag line and invest in quality marketing materials. Even if they do not give right away, you are still increasing the awareness of your organization.

And lastly, direct mailing develops a base for future planned donors and major gifts. Many studies have demonstrated that those who give generously to organizations have developed a long history with that organization. That history was often established through direct mail campaigns.

 So, do not throw out your direct mail fundraising campaigns. It might seem like it costs too much to do, but the payoff is much greater than you may anticipate.

 You can read more about Direct Mail Fundraising campaigns here:
Fundraising Fundamentals


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