The Point, Groupon and G-Team

The Point

Give money or do something – but only when it matters.

Have you sent out an email request to your supporters, asking them to donate for a specific cause? Or to help with a particular event like folding newsletter mailings or making sandwiches for the children you serve? When the time comes, it can be a toss-up as to whether you have enough help or not.

The Point seeks to guard against that. On the website, campaigns can be created and then have a “tipping point” set – meaning that people pledge to help only if enough people sign up, or if enough money is pledged. This way, you can be sure to make an significant change because you have what you need.

And The Point is non-exclusive, so it can be used to raise money to clean up a local park or to buy a ping-pong table for the staff room.

The Point Website
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Starting Campaigns video


If you spend any time online, you’ve probably seen advertisements for Groupon. Groupon features a discounted offer each day to a different place in your nearby major city. However, not just anyone can get the coupon when they feel like it. First, there has to be enough people to say they want the deal. Then, once enough people are on board, the deal “tips” and those people are then charged the discounted price and sent the coupon.

Groupon has been heralded as the “fastest growing company ever.” But Groupon has its roots not in the business world, but in social action. We talked about The Point, Groupon’s mother site, if you will. But The Point, with much less exposure and branding than Groupon, has been left chugging along at a canter while Groupon has raced forward like a speedskater.

The founder of both, Andrew Mason, decided to get back to the foundation of The Point and use the powerhouse of Groupon. This union is called G-Team and is currently being tested in Chicago. Here is how it works: A Groupon is set out (*ex. $35 for an $80 Bike Tune-Up) and then a Point campaign is attached to it (ex. If $1,000 is raised, a local bike cooperative will fix up 100 broken bikes and donate them to disadvantaged youth).

They are already seeing great results in Chicago and will soon be looking to expand it to some of the 88 other cities in which Groupon currently deals. You can find more information on the Groupon website here. Also, be sure to check out The Point to see if it could help you make an impact on your community.

*example taken from the Groupon website.


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