Have You Heard? – Jumo

On Tuesday, November 30, 2010, Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of Facebook, unveiled a new social networking site specifically for non-profits and charities. The site, called Jumo, was created in order “to speed the pace of global change and meaningful action.” A non-profit itself, the name comes from the Yoruba language in West Africa and is a verb meaning “together in concert,” conveying an action within community. The purpose is to connect people with political movements, non-profit organizations and other causes.

You may wonder why this site is needed when organizations are well-able to set up pages on Facebook and get their information out there. Facebook has a plethora of pages to be “liked” and “shared” but anything can become a page. Even as a non-profit, there’s no way to easily connect your “fans” to donating to your organization. With Jumo, non-profits will be able to do all it can on Facebook and provide access to quick donating. Not only this, but organizations can be searched by category of impact and cause. The primary seven categories are: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment and Animals, Health, Peace and Government, Human Rights and Poverty. Each of these has subcategories to make it easier for people concerned about a particular cause to find the organizations currently active within it.

For now, people joining Jumo have to have a Facebook account to sign up, but the same is not true for non-profits. The only qualification is that the organization be 501(c)(3) and provide its EIN to receive donations on the site through a partnership with Network for Good. Non-profits can link their existing website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc to their Jumo page to maximize social involvement. Users will find the latest news and updates on the organizations they “follow” right on their Jumo page, much like the Facebook News Feed.

Jumo is still in its beta stage, as shown by the result of overwhelming response on its release day; the site was down for most of the day as the Jumo team sought to strengthen the site and server for heavy traffic. It has a lot of growth to do, but promises to be an exciting tool for the non-profit world.



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