Ways Donors Give Money

Heart of the Donor recently conducted a survey of donor gifts and habits over a 12-month period. For many fundraisers, the results came as a surprise, with high percentages still using a traditional method of giving.

Here is a breakdown of the results:

How Donors Give

An overwhelming percentage of gifts are made through either a collection box or the mail. Following, but not too close behind is online giving in any way. Around 3 out of 4 people give through their office or in their place of worship and rounding out the bottom is text messaging.




With the internet and social media boom, it might be hard to believe that the traditional methods are still so popular, but one thing this chart doesn’t show is that most donors use multiple methods. Another aspect of the survey was to link the giving methods with donor age.

Mail vs. Online

This information shows that while donors ages 18-39 tend to prefer online giving, there is also a high percentage who use mail for donations. The flip comes around the 40’s with donors ages 40-70+ preferring to use mail for their giving method. This bracket also tends to be the most giving.

Points to Ponder

  1. Research indicates that the choices in how donors give are not mutually exclusive. Many people use more than one.
  2. Continue to use the strongest tools that you have to maximize your revenue but don’t be afraid to incorporate new methods.
  3. On-line giving is increasing in usage, importance and value but mail is used most among donors over 40.

Bottom line: Today you have many ways of sharing your story. Think through the different types of communication; knowing how to target the right groups for specific communications is an important part of your fundraising plan. It will help you make sure you’re sending the right pieces to the people most likely to use them. In order for the donors to catch the vision for what you do, they need to hear and connect with your story – the work you do, the people you serve and the goals that you have for the future. The story you share with your donors breathes your mission life.

Interested in learning more about donor development? Plan to attend our next training on January 20th, 2011: Resource Development through Fundraising and Donor Development. Click here for more information or to register on-line.

You can find the full report here: Heart of the Donor – Fundraising Success Survey


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