Introducing…Center for Community Revitalization

Community Development Professionals (CDP) recently purchased and moved into the former Hamilton School Board building. CDP has transformed the building into the new Center for Community Revitalization (CCR).



Our vision for CCR is to create a hub for innovative community revitalization efforts, provide a location for establishing and nurturing partnerships between community stakeholders, establish a Non-Profit Development Center to provide education and training to community based organizations and establish a Center for Social Entrepreneurship to encourage social enterprise in the community.

It is our mission to partner with organizations in order to grow and nurture viable communities. Through the CCR, we can put the tools and resources into the hands of organizations to help them operate more efficiently and more effectively.

CCR Memberships

CCR offers 4 different ways to be a member: Resident, Investment, Associate and Individual Memberships.

Resident Membership – Rental Cost (based on space required)*

  • Provides mailbox at CCR
  • Provides rental space at CCR at below-market value
  • Access to Community Resource Room
  • Weekly Use of Board Room and Monthly Use of Community/Training Room

Investment Membership – $150/month

  • Provides mailbox at CCR
  • Access to Community Resource Room
  • Monthly Use of Board Room and Annual Use of Community/Training Room

Associate Membership – $125/year

  • Single use of Board Room and Community/Training Room

Individual Membership – $125/year

  • Single use of Board Room and Community/Training Room

Each membership will also be Listed as Member in CCR publications and on website and will receive the CCR Newsletter.

*The CCR offers two distinct options for Resident Membership: traditional office space and Shared Space. Traditional office space is located throughout the building’s second floor of rentable square footage. Depending on an organization’s needs and requirements, office space can be provided on a turn-key basis. Shared Space offers an affordable alternative for organizations willing to co-locate. Organizations in the CCR’s Shared Space are housed in workstations and private offices, side-by-side with neighbors.

You can complete an application by following this link.

There is space currently available, so please contact us soon for more information and or to schedule a tour of the facilities.

The CCR is located at 332 Dayton St., Hamilton, OH 45011.  You can find more information here or by calling 513.858.1738.



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