Upcoming Training: Program Development

CDP is holding a FREE training this week called “Program Development”.

Program Development
August 19th, 2010
9am – 4pm

WorkForce One
300 East Silver Street
Lebanon, OH 45036

To Register, call: 513.858.1738 or go here.

This full day workshop is designed to help you create stronger programs that will increase your organizations’ impact on its community. This training will teach you how to take a strategic approach to developing programs and the basic components to be included in a Program Development Plan. You will leave this workshop with a systematic approach to organizational growth and plans for a new program for your organization.

Program Development is the process of determining what programs your organization will implement.  During this training, you will learn many facets of program development including the “6 Foundational Building Blocks to Solid Program Development.”

Need a teaser?  Building Block #1 states that your program(s) should tie to the organization’s mission.  Meaning, you should know what the mission of the organization is.  How does this program tie to the mission?  Why is your organization the best one to undertake this program?


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