Volunteer Appreciation Week

The end of this month is a special week to acknowledge the backbone of many non-profit groups – the volunteers.  Have you been thinking of ways that you can show your appreciation?  With so many things to occupy your time, volunteers can get lost in the shuffle even when you know how much you appreciate them.  If you are drawing a blank on how to say “thanks” to these wonderful people, here are some good ideas you can use.


With a couple phone calls, you can discover a multitude of ways to show your gratitude.  Start by contacting some local restaurants or hot spots for free offers that you can give to your volunteers.  This benefit can be two-fold:  your volunteers will know how much they mean to you and you will be building a relationship with some great businesses in your own community.  You can list these donors on your website and publications as contributors and even allow them to use your nonprofit’s name in their advertising.  It will help their image and get your name in more places.


Offering to feed your staff and volunteers can get pricey, but there are ways to cover your costs.  You might contact a local restaurant to sponsor your dinner.  If that’s not possible, try selling tickets to your donors and staff, but make sure your volunteers can come for free.  This is a wonderful way to share the great things that have happened this year within your nonprofit and enable you to highlight those who have made a difference for your cause.


There is nothing better to give your volunteers than a gift featuring the non-profit they love.  Try to think beyond the standard name and logo though.  Perhaps a gift that states, “I volunteer at _______!”

If you have a special volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, let the world know.  Contact your local news program and see if they’d cover the story.  With all the negative headlines out there, most stations are eager to put up local human interest stories.

These are some great ways that you can show your appreciation, but don’t stop there.  Check out this article on many more ways, big and small, that you can show how much you care.

139 Ways to Say “Thank-You” and Recognize Volunteers

How do you say “Thank You” to your volunteers?


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